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Vlog: Farmer Jonathan & the Wild Bees

Call me crazy, but I think there are a few words that shouldn’t be strung together.

“Catch” - “Wild” - “Bees” are some of those un-stringable words… Unless you’re a farmer of course.

I’d venture to say that MOST wives don’t hear “going to catch wild honeybees” when they ask about the day’s plans.

But you should see my nickels, that is, if I had one for every time we do ‘random’ stuff around here.

Farm wife-ing takes the totally random as perfectly normal, so, catching wild bees it is.

I know, I know - for all of you honeybee enthusiasts out there. Honeybees are “nicer” than normal bees… but I rest my case.... Even if you slide the “honey” adjective before “bees”, you still have “wild” and “bees” in the same sentence.

"We’ve never done this before", which are the famous first words of most good stories, so we thought we’d take you along for the ride - “Behind the scenes”.

Can farmer Jonathan do it?

(Spoiler alert: The answer is always yes because he’s amazing but it makes it more exciting to ask the question)

Will he get stung?

How will it work?

What if the bees get mad?

Will they survive?

Will Jonathan survive?

Come with us & Find out!


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