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Know your Farmer - Know your Food

Have you ever wondered where to get raw milk?

Meet YOUR farmer.

We are Farmer boy and (former) "city" girl.

Aka: Jonathan and Liz Gerdes

We want you to enjoy the farm like we do

Whether that be catching the sunset from the top of our bluff, feeding a new baby calf, or drinking a tall glass of creamy fresh milk, the farm does not disappoint. 

Please call for a visit - We'd love to meet you!

Need some fresh air?Come grow with us!

- Real food from Real People - 

Life is better on the farm. 

Jonathan has been farming since birth. He started helping Grandpa and Dad in the barn before muscles were a thing.

Fast-forward a few years to 2005 when he swept Liz off her feet while away at college. Now they are happily raising three kids on the family farm while providing healthy, local, raw milk to people who care.

Want to heal your body
with Raw Milk?
Get my Breakfast Recipes Here!

*Including* my favorite recipe for 

Probiotic Raw Milk Kefir!


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