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I Couldn’t Believe My Ears… Until Now 

Every week, I hear the most amazing raw milk stories.

I could write a book with the hundreds of ways I've been told that raw milk helps people.

I wish you could stand with me in our farm store and hear what I hear. It is literally incredible. You’re all invited to visit my farm store, but in the meantime, I’d like to share just a bit of what I hear:

One of my guests, Madison, told me she was lactose intolerant.

She wanted the health benefits of raw milk, but didn't think she could drink it."I haven't had milk in 9 years", she said. "Every time I consume dairy, I have digestive issues. Beyond causing discomfort, I actually get really sick if I consume enough dairy." I explained that sometimes people think they are lactose intolerant, but they actually get sick because the processing of milk kills its natural enzymes, making it harder to digest. “I'm sick of consuming dairy alternatives with unhealthy ingredients like seed oils and emulsifiers,” she shared. Shortly after trying our raw milk, she emailed me and said she FELT FINE!!

Two weeks later, LOOK WHAT SHE SAID! "I have been drinking raw milk every day and have not experienced any sickness! It really shows how much the quality of our food can make a difference in our health! Thank you so much for your help! I am so excited that I can start eating foods that I haven’t been able to in so long!"

One man, Chris, shared an absolutely unbelievable story with me. He struggled in the past with an autoimmune disorder that caused "skin rashes throughout his body, swollen eyelids, thyroid issues, excessive hair loss, severe scalp flaking, bouts of shortness of breath, irritability, skin lesions, low energy, dry retching, and mental fogginess." Imagine his desperation to find answers.

"I spent a couple decades trying to heal myself, with Western Medicine MDs. and MDs. that held holistic degrees" 

LOOK WHAT HE SAID NEXT! - "Since using Raw Milk, all of my early symptoms have gone away. I attribute my current health and happiness [to Raw Milk] because it has balanced my gut bacteria and enzymes."

"There is a reason they call the gut a second brain," he said, "It affects the whole body!"

If your gut is happy, your body is happy.

Another guest, Megan, was skeptical about the benefits of raw milk. She needed help with poor digestion and eczema.

ONE WEEK LATER, she tells me: "We love the milk!! It has already helped my digestion so much! - I think it’s starting to help my eczema too!”

Two weeks later, I got this email from her: "I’ve had continued improvement! My husband even noticed my eczema is looking better! My digestion is also continuing to improve! I’ve found that by having a glass right away in the morning, before coffee or anything else, my digestion is better for the rest of the day!"

I wish you could have seen the awe on the next mom’s face as she shared her story. You would think she found a treasure...."I just can't believe it," she shared with me, "My daughter [Bella] does SO MUCH better on your milk."

"Before your raw milk, Bella couldn’t make it through an eight ounce glass of milk without an upset stomach.

She would feel ill, saying she was full, and not continue to eat the rest of her meal." As a result, Bella had decided she didn't like milk (I don't blame her!) Their family concluded it wasn't worth the pain, so they would just skip it for her. Until NOW that is!! 

Their family tried our raw milk and Bella has NO TROUBLE drinking it!!!

This is only 4 of hundreds of stories I’ve personally heard about raw milk changing lives. You may be asking HOW it actually “works” - there are all kinds of studies to back these stories, but sometimes hearing from a real person means more than all the science in the world. Nothing compares to being able to drink milk for the first time in 9 years, or watching your auto-immune disorder symptoms clear, or seeing your eczema healed, or being able to regularly use the bathroom without trouble, or even just being able to feed your kid healthy food that they love.

Wherever you are, I’d LOVE to help you on your raw milk “journey”.

Email me and see if I have a testimonial of someone like you. Chances are,  someone in your shoes is walking onto my farm and solving their struggles by drinking raw milk! Email me at to find out how I can help you!


WOW!!! You're *obviously* awesome because you just read a whole blog about how to help your family be healthier and happier! How can I help?

If you don't know me, I'm Liz Gerdes, and I'd like to be your cheerleader.

My husband and I are dairy farmers in SE MN and friends to anyone who is interested.

I help moms feel awesome about what they feed their families by providing then with fresh raw milk!

Visit or follow me on Facebook @gerdesfreshfarm for more info.

To subscribe to this blog, click the button below and shoot me your email address to join the "family"!

Ready for some farm fresh milk? I can help you with that too :) Just click the button below and put your email address in our "join the family" pop up and I will shoot you some info about how to get milk!

Here's one of my favorite recipes for you too!

The BEST Morning Protein Shake You’ll Ever Have….

(Seriously - it tastes like dessert, it’s incredible for you, and it makes the entire day better. I don’t go a single day without helping my body with this recipe) 

12 oz Gerdes Fresh Farm raw milk (Get yours at:

1 Scoop Equip Protein Powder (I’ve had the Chocolate and the Iced Coffee… both are incredible)

1 Scoop Garden of Life MCT Powder  (Or whatever brand you want to use)

1 Scoop Collagen Powder (whatever brand you want to use)

1 Scoop Colostrum Powder if you’re into that :)

BLEND in a blender or with a stick blender & ENJOY - Watch the rest of your day feel better because you just nutrified your body with what it NEEDS

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