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I've Asked For This For 28 Years!

Hello friends!

Today marks 33 trips around the sun for me and I thought it fitting to share the hands-down-worlds-best birthday dessert with you.

If you love delicious things, you should probably check this out. This has been my requested birthday dessert for 28+ years, so it’s about time to share it. Right? I'm not even sure where my mom got the recipe but if she told me it was from a magical unicorn, I think I might believe her. (If it’s good enough for a 28 year winning streak, I’d say it’s worth sharing ;)

Warning #1: Typically, I love sharing hacks and shortcuts here to make your life EASIER. This isn’t necessarily the recipe for that. It’s actually a *bit* putsy in my opinion. However, sometimes… it’s WORTH the extra time to take a bite out of heaven and YOU are worth the extra effort for this baby right here :).

Warning #2: This dessert may cause moderate to severe addiction. Though eating the whole pan will be wildly attractive, it isn’t highly recommended.

Liz's Crazy Amazing Raspberry Bday Dessert

2 Cups Graham Cracker Crumbs

½ Cup melted butter

¼ Cup sugar

2 T water

8 Cups Frozen raspberries

1 ¾ Cups sugar

2 ½ Packets Knox unflavored Gelatin

½ Cup Plus 1 Tbsp cold water

½ Cup Plus 1 Tdsp boiling water

6 Cups thawed cool whip


Mix Graham Cracker Crumbs, ½c Melted Butter and 1/4c Sugar. Press into pan and bake at 350 for 10 min. Cool crust completely.


In a saucepan, put 2 Tbsp. water, raspberries, and 1 3/4 c Sugar. Cook over low heat, stirring, until sugar is dissolved.

Soak gelatin in 1/2 c plus 1 Tbsp. cold water. After that is dissolved, boil ½ c plus 1 Tbsp. boiling water and dump your gelatin mixture into the boiling water. Stir until dissolved.

Add gelatin mixture to your raspberry mixture

Chill the raspberry/gelatin mixture until consistency of thin jam. (This is worse than watching paint dry because you can’t eat paint. I’d suggest putting it in the fridge and walking away for a few hours to *try* and forget what yummy-ness lies ahead. OR - I tried an ice bath this time as it really worked well to chill it!

Once the raspberry mixture is cooled, fold the cool whip into the raspberry mixture.

Spread filling on crust. Chill several hours or until set.

There you have it! Please let me know if you try it! It really is worth every bit of work!



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