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How’s your Mom-Nutrition?

Look out below for the 30 Second Healthy Reese's Coffee Recipe you need.

Men - this is for you too. Doesn't a happier, healthier wife sound great? Yeah. Thought so.

Can we talk about mom-life for a second?

If we wrote a “mom-job” description, I don’t think we’d have many applicants. NOT because being a mom is bad - it’s just demanding!

Can you imagine your boss calling you throughout the night every few hours crying about problems in the office?

Can you imagine having to break up fights and counsel/teach/train your coworkers all day long? Or how about holding/rocking/consoling a 30 pound wriggling toddler while you write emails and attend meetings? How about going to an office where someone jumps around your cubicle saying your name 150,000 times an hour while you’re trying to work. Imagine if a coworker followed you around and undid the work you just accomplished all while asking for your help with their project.

Transferring the “mom-job” life to any other job description is laughable. ABC News actually made a fake job description and held interviews for an “Operations Manager” (Mom). It’s pretty funny to hear people’s reactions to the job “qualifications”. You can check it out here.

Don’t get my wrong. I’m not saying being a mom is bad. Being a mom is amazing.

We are *literally* raising the next generation of people.

Think about that: moms are shaping the future of the world! I get to create tomorrow by what I teach my kids today.

Could there be a more important job?

If we’re going to do such an important job, my question is: How are we fueling up for it?

Far too often, Mom-nutrition is an afterthought. My question is ...Why?

If we were running errands, and the tank said it was on “E”, you would question my sanity if I pulled over and dumped goldfish crackers in the tank. Are goldfish bad? No - not really…. But they aren’t going to serve us well in the gas tank. They aren’t going to get us anywhere.

It is the same with Mom-nutrition.

WHY do we eat things that won’t serve us well?

WHY do we just dump kid snacks in our tanks instead of pulling over at the gas station and actually filling up with fuel?

If I’d be crazy to dump crackers in the car’s gas tank, why do I dump crackers in MY gas tank?

Wouldn’t we get further on some actual fuel?

For many years, I didn’t make mom nutrition a priority and my whole family suffered for it. I’ve learned the hard way, that there is a better way.

I’m on a mission to not ignore the “E” and actually pull over and put things in my body that are going to serve me well. I need fuel that is actually going to get me somewhere in this crazy awesome job.

For me - that starts with protein and healthy fat every every every morning.

If I don’t fuel up with protein, I want to eat everything in sight by 9 a.m.

It may feel fun to munch on everything I see, but that’s not going to serve me well in the long run.

So here’s what I do:

It’s the Mom-Shake :)

  • 12 oz of Raw Milk (Which has as much protein as 1.5 eggs and is filled with enzymes, probiotics, healthy fat, and vitamins!)

  • 1 Scoop Protein Powder (I use Shaklee and LOVE it, but you could use something else)

  • 2t Instant Coffee (See Note Below)

  • ½T Peanut Butter (ONLY if you like Reeses!)

  1. Add Ingredients in above order

  2. Blend well

  3. Enjoy from your favorite cup (yes - your favorite… it will make the day better)

*Coffee Note* I used to add a packet of “bullet proof” coffee instead of the instant coffee which I liked much better because it gave me a boost of healthy fat in the morning. I’m in the process of testing some newer (cheaper) alternatives like adding MCT Powder separately. I'll keep you posted on my findings. If you’ve never looked into MCT oil - you should! The stuff is like mom-magic! Check out an article about it here:

Pro Mom-Shake tips

  • Because Protein powder can get thick as it sits, enjoy your shake asap. No "leave it on the counter for later" business. You need the fuel NOW - so enjoy it NOW ;)

  • I'll give you extra points if you enjoy your shake outside. Seriously. 3 minutes is only 180 seconds which is only .21 percent of your day and I think your soul could listen to 180 seconds worth of birds chirping while you fuel up.

There you have it!

This mom-fuel thing really doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let’s choose nutrition that will serve our bodies WELL so we can serve our families better!


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Ready to nutrify your mom life? Yes Please!

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