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You Should Stop Vacuuming

Hello amazing friend,

I have a question. Question is: Do you feel buried?

Sometimes I feel like motherhood is synonymous with I can’t-catch-my-breath-hood.

I know this because I’ve talked to you and I know this because I’ve been there.

This week I talked to a friend who described herself as a teenage taxi service, and another as a resentful maid, and another as a failure.

Are these the descriptors we are shooting for? Would we watch that as a movie? Think about it! It would be the worst movie ever! (*And she lived ok-ish-ever-after*). BEST seller right there.

I say it as a joke, but too often it is reality.

Today, I have a simple reminder and a video clip for you.

In this clip, you may assume my life looks pretty rosey.

Sure it may look like that, but guess what?

I CHOSE this moment. This is not perfection.

My floors were dirty, dinner wasn’t done, and dad was almost home.

I *literally* stopped vacuuming to come and be there in that moment.

On Sunday, my Pastor was explaining how young people aren’t only the future of tomorrow, they are literally the future today. Right now.... In this moment. It’s so easy for me to ignore my little “futures” because I have stuff to do.

The funny thing about the future is: The only way we can shape it is in the present.

In that one fleeting breath where the past surrenders to the future, we have the chance to see history literally being made.

So here are your 2 reminders for today: 1. You are an incredible history maker 2. Don’t forget to shape your history today

Let’s ask ourselves: Who do we want our kids to be tomorrow? Shape it today.

What do you want your kids to know tomorrow? Teach it today.

Where do you want your kids to find awe? Show them today.

How do we do that? Ask them questions!!

Let the moment lead you to WONDER!

Did you know “one inch of rain falling on 1 acre of ground is equal to about 27,154 gallons and weighs about 113 tons?!”(1) That’s beyond incredible.

113 tons suspended in the AIR above our HEADS.

Who taught the clouds to hold that in the sky?

Why does the water know to fall in drops instead of tons??

How is it possible that sprinkling rain on our fields makes old corn seeds sprout into life?!

We can use these moments to shape the future
Or - I could have kept vacuuming.*

* Just a note before you storm down my front door: Vacuuming is great. It teaches our kids other things, but sometimes... sometimes... we just need to pause it to shape a different kind of future.


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