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You're Making (Poofy) History!

Home (school/educating/distance-learning/whatever you call it) Hack #1

Make a Poofy Pancake (Recipe Below)

Congratulations! You survived your first day of being a home-educating mom!

Have you stopped to realize that you’re making history?

Technically we’re always making history, but you -my friend- are making HISTORY!

YOU are shaping what will soon be the past memories of your little people!

YOU get to give the hugs and the high fives today!

YOU get to initiate the dance parties today!

YOU get to encourage your kids today!

YOU get to make lunch today!

YOU get to give the smiles today!

YOU get to show your kids how it is DONE today!

Not feeling it? I get it.

Take a breath. Like - a big one. Right now. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Ok- One more. Innnnnn and Outtttttt

You -can do- today.

Sometimes life falls so short of our expectations, we just can’t pull up.

Sometimes shaping someone else’s future memories feels like way too much work because -- I just need a shower, and I don’t feel like a dance party.

Silence is a rare commodity in my house these days, so we flip on survival mode. Can I have some quiet? Please stop talking. Why doesn’t my brain work? Oh yeah, it’s because I haven’t had a second to myself for how many weeks?

But just hang on a second. Here's what I'm asking myself.

If today was the only memory your child would have, would you live it differently?

Some of us would hang it all and have an all-out cake fest. Others would have things scheduled out to the minute. Maybe some of us wouldn’t leave the couch because #snuggles.

If today was the only memory your child would have, what would it look like?

If today was the only memory, how would it change your voice?

How would it change your face?

Would it change your time?

Would it change your phone?

Too much pressure? Yeah. I hear you.

“Thanks. - You just made me MORE. stressed, out.”

Now we have to have a perfect Polly-Anna day with rainbows and laughs.


Think AGAIN.

What if it was easier than we think?

Do you know how EASY it is to make a memory with a kid?
  • Seriously. Turn on some tunes, make a fool of yourself, and your kids will SMILE.

  • Go for a walk and whip out a secret stash of candy *Winning*

  • Hug your teenager and tell them you’re proud of them.

  • Encourage your tween with your words.

  • Make monster cookies and eat them in a blanket fort.

  • Go play catch.

  • Pick your kid’s favorite activity - do it with them.

  • Make popcorn and eat it on the roof.

  • Speak LIFE into your kids. They will remember it.

  • Listen to Adventures in Odyessy and COLOR!

Here’s my point. We can flip the script today. We aren’t STUCK!

You, quarantined friend, COULD have the time of your life doing this.

You, home-educating mom, COULD wish this back when it goes away.

You, capable, educated adult, are smarter than your little people.

You. Can. Do this.

Here’s a recipe to get you started.

Enter: The Poofy Pancake

I’ve been making this recipe from a friend of mine for years and I still get all Christmas-morning giddy inside when I see it poof up in the oven.

It’s super easy.

It’s super nummy.

It’s super poofy.

What more could you want?


Poofy Pancake

Turn the oven on to 400 Degrees

Melt & brown ½ stick butter (or a whole stick if you're not butter shy!) in a 9 inch pan while the oven is preheating.

When butter is browned, dump the following batter into your pan:


  • ⅔ Cup Flour (White get’s puffier, Wheat makes a heavy pancake)

  • 2T Sugar - Or more

  • ½ t. salt

  • ½ t. Ground Cardamom (Cinnamon works too but Cardamom is my favorite)


  • 1 Cup Milk - Stir together with dry ingredients

Add Last

  • 2 Eggs - Whisk it up and dump it into the browned HOT butter.

Bake for about 25 minutes at 400 Degrees.

Recipe feeds about 2.5

Serve with Maple Syrup - and Whipping cream - and All the tasty things.


Here's to making memories! You've got this. Go for it.

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