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Yogurt Popsicle Recipe & Water for Your Soul

If your kids are like my kids, summer is frozen treat season. I’m all about the summer party vibe, but last time I checked, sugar binges weren’t the best for my kids and they aren’t good for me either! :)

I get it - you can get 50 freezies for $2.64 at Walmart and it’s EASY.

I buy them - and I have them.

Trouble is - EASY today often makes a HARDER tomorrow.

Isn’t that true?

It’s EASY to not work out....

It’s EASY to forget to drink water...

It’s EASY to eat junk food…

It’s EASY to avoid the clutter in my basement....

It’s EASY to endlessly scroll on social media…

(And I’m guilty of every single one of those!)

But what kind of tomorrow is that creating?

Ok, OK: This is a post about Summer Snacks…but YOU, friend, are more than summer snacks.

If you’d like the recipe, keep scrolling, but if you’d like to take a minute to water your soul, keep reading :)

Do you ever feel like you’re thinking 1,000 things all at once? Sometimes I feel like the mom brain is a giant ball of tangled string where pulling on one unassuming little end tightens areas you didn’t even realize were connected to it.

Don’t believe me?

Pull on the “difficult parenting day” end and how come it makes us short-fused with our husbands?

Pull on the “I don’t need to work out” end and how come it makes our parenting harder?

Pull on the “my husband came home late” end and then how come I feel unloved?

Pull on the “my house is cluttered” end and then how come I feel like crying?

Pull on the “I’m too busy to feed my kids healthy food” end and how come we feel like a bad mom?

We’re COMPLEX people, us moms!
I GET it, and I’ve BEEN there, and I’ve SEEN it in talking to so many of YOU.

So what can we do?

How can we untangle the mess in our brains?

My pastor recently asked 2 questions that hit me between the eyes in an extremely challenging but massively encouraging way.

He asked “Are you closer to God than you were 1 year ago”? And “Where will you be in 5 years if nothing changes?”

Ummmmmmm “Thanks crazy blog lady.” I came for popsicles and now you’re talking about …. Not popsicles.

That’s just it though!

In Mom brain-land, it’s all swirled around up in there and more things are connected than we think!

Here is why my pastor’s words can encourage YOU today:

If we’re not going where we want to go - in any area of life: WE CAN CHANGE THAT TODAY!

It doesn’t have to be a massive shift. It can start with something as simple as identifying ONE area where you want to grow.

We won’t be any closer to a 1 year (or 5 year) goal unless we start somewhere.

So maybe this is your somewhere.

So where do you want to grow?

Maybe that’s a big thing - like your relationship with God. Or maybe it’s finding a friend to encourage you. Or maybe it’s drinking enough water so you can think straight Or maybe it is dating your husband Or MAYBE, it’s getting ahold of your kids’ nutrition with one fun summer snack at a time.

Either way momma, I’m here, pompoms in hand, for your ONE THING.

If you know me, I want to encourage you!
If you don’t know me, I hope to encourage you - someday ;).
….Even if it is just with a popsicle recipe.

EASY Yogurt Fruit Pops

This is the farthest thing from rocket science!

  1. I found a silicone ice cube tray from Walmart

  2. Pick your fruit (Use this as a chance to encourage your kids to eat a variety of different colors!)

  3. Buy (Or MAKE) your yogurt. I make mine every week but it is currently in my Instapot doing it’s thing and we were itching for a treat, so I bought some. :)

  4. Let your kids help as much as they can. If they have started to use table knives, might as well involve them in the process!

  5. Put the fruit in the bottom of the silicone tray and cover them with yogurt.

  6. Stick your popsicle sticks in & pop them in the freezer! (we used craft sticks bc I had them on hand, and because they are bigger!)

Then: Make your kids give you a high-five because you’re an amazing mom!!


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