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Want to Make Homesteader History? You Need this Farmhouse Poofy Pancake!

If today was the only memory your child would have, would you live it differently?

Some of us would forget everything else and have a cake fest. Others would schedule things out to the minute. Maybe some wouldn’t leave the couch to allow for every last snuggle.

I doubt any of us would carry on as usual.

What does this have to do with a Farmhouse Poofy Pancake recipe? Maybe everything. :) - (Recipe is at the end;)

We always *think* we have tomorrow, but no one ever guaranteed that.

Here's my question: (To myself more than anyone) Today, what history am I making?

Not to be too dramatic, but history is comprised of the 'todays' you live.

Technically we’re always making history, but we don't think of it that way very often.

At THIS moment,

YOU are shaping what will soon be the past memories of your little people!

Let - that - settle - in.

This moment shapes history.

Are your current actions how you want to be remembered?

Maybe that feels a little too heavy...
Shaping the history of your family can feel daunting. But guess what? History is just made up of lots of 'todays' and you *can do* today.

So - how would you like to live today if today makes history?

Would you change your voice?

How would you change your face?

Would you change your time?

Would you change your phone?

As parents, we're pretty good at "tomorrows"... We'll start that habit; tomorrow. We'll take our kids to church; next week. We'll get serious;... later.

As I'm writing this just three days shy of Good Friday, can I encourage you to be *intentional* about the things that matter?

Take Easter for example:

Do your kids know why Good Friday happened?! Do YOU know why?! What's the deal with Jesus dying on the cross? Seems like a funny thing for God to do... unless you understand why He did it. If he came to save us, does that change anything for me? I've met PASTORS KIDS who can't explain these things to me, so don't feel too badly if your kids can't. But take this as your nudge to MAKE HISTORY today and investigate these things with your kids!

Too much pressure? Maybe. But what if you just made by living today?
Memories are made by living - today.

Do you know how EASY it is to make a memory with a kid?
  • Seriously. Turn on some tunes, make a fool of yourself, and your kids will SMILE.

  • Go for a walk and whip out a secret stash of candy *Winning*

  • Hug your teenager and tell them you’re proud of them.

  • Encourage your tween with your words.

  • Make monster cookies and eat them in a blanket fort.

  • Go play catch.

  • Pick your kid’s favorite activity - do it with them.

  • Make popcorn and eat it on the roof.

  • Speak LIFE into your kids. They will remember it.

  • Listen to Adventures in Odyessy and COLOR!

Here’s my point. We can flip the script today. We aren’t STUCK!

We can literally CHOOSE the history we want to CREATE!

Here’s a recipe to get you started.

Enter: The Poofy Pancake

I’ve been making this recipe from a friend of mine for years and I still get all Christmas-morning giddy inside when I see it poof up in the oven.

It’s super easy.

It’s super nummy.

It’s super poofy.

What more could you want?


Poofy Pancake

Turn the oven on to 400 Degrees

Melt & brown ½ stick butter (or a whole stick if you're not butter shy!) in a 9 inch pan while the oven is preheating.

When butter is browned, dump the following batter into your pan:


  • ⅔ Cup Flour (White get’s puffier, Wheat makes a heavy pancake)

  • 2T Sugar - Or more

  • ½ t. salt

  • ½ t. Ground Cardamom (Cinnamon works too but Cardamom is my favorite)


  • 1 Cup Raw Milk - Stir together with dry ingredients

Add Last

  • 2 Eggs - Whisk them in and dump the whole contents into the browned HOT butter.

Bake for about 25 minutes at 400 Degrees.

Recipe feeds about 2.5

Serve with Real Maple Syrup - and Whipping cream - and All the tasty things.


Here's to making history! You've got this. Go for it.

What history are YOU making today? - Leave a comment and tell me one thing you'd like to be intentional about - TODAY!


Hi!! I'm Liz Gerdes, and I'd like to be your encourager.

My husband and I are dairy farmers in SE MN and friends to anyone who is interested.

I help moms feel awesome about what they feed their families with farm fresh milk!

Visit or follow me on Facebook @gerdesfreshfarm or Instagram at @gerdesliz for more info.

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