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This Week's Best Accident

Today’s Parental nap//shower//silence//incognito candy consumption, brought to you by a total accident.

You’re also going to get a vacuumed floor out of the deal. Need I say more?

While attempting to craft with my daughters this week, I regretfully realized I only had “boring” colors of construction paper left. At our house, we’ve jokingly named these days “International use-whatever-is-in-the (House/Fridge/Freezer) Month.” It is a mildly scary adventure... We’ve improvised, we've substituted, we’ve ‘experienced’ hankies, we’ve rationed, we’ve entertained the reusable toilet paper idea.... We’ve even eaten things from the freezer I didn’t know were still edible. So far, everyone is still alive - so that’s a plus.

Back to paper. One can’t easily thrill the frills of daughters with boring black and brown. Especially daughters who don the name of Fancy Nancy on the regular.

I hurled positive statements from the pantry as I (literally) dug around searching for the needed supplies. “This is going to be SO fun!” came out my lips while “Ok mom…. How’s this going to work?” interrogated my brain. #momlife #beenthere?

To no avail, I surrendered my search and *almost* pulled the fun plug.

Maybe we should just scrap it and have screen time.

That would be easy.

But easy doesn't grow people

Convenience doesn’t stretch people.

Convenience doesn’t mature into the adult I’d like my kids to become.

Do I use tech time? Yep. Often. And I’m Thankful.

Is it evil? Nope.

However - the crazy part is, while kids beg for tech time, recent research actually suggests that kids are *happier* with less tech & toys. Seriously - google it.

Perhaps it is a bit like junk food. I love me some (insert favorite bad food here), but is it good for me?

What's the point?

I just don’t want to lose the gold among the convenient.

There is something so positive about actually creating with your hands.

We can’t replicate problem solving, spatial recognition, fine motor challenges, or inventive skills needed for imaginative play.

Besides - kids LOVE IT and it DOESN’T have to be complicated.

Have you ever seen a spacesuit emerge from a cardboard box? Yeah- me too. We currently have not one, but two ‘beloved’ spacesuits occupying a large amount of real estate in my daughter's room.

Honestly - I really want to throw them away, but I would be snuffing out exactly the imagination I’m trying to encourage.

(Don’t worry, I still clean my house and throw things away when life calls for it)

Just before the kibosh was put on our craft, international use-whatever-is-in-the-house-month saved the day.
Enter - the scrap bag.

(Don’t have scraps? Take 2 minutes and clean your closet…. Or your kid’s closet. I promise you’ll find something. Old Sheets? Old Shirts? Holey Leggings? Orphaned Socks? Outgrown kids clothes? You get the idea :)

The rest is simple.

  1. Get out the vacuum & make a pact with your kids. Sign it in blood - whatever you gotta do. This project *can* be messy but you’re going to get a vacuumed floor out of the deal after it’s done. We have to plan for greatness my friends. You can thank me later for your clean floor.

  2. Print a paper doll out: just google “Printable Paper Doll Outline” (or draw one if you’re more talented than me :)

  3. Give your kid some scissors & glue

  4. Have fun eating chocolate in the closet... *Or* join them like I did after a little nap because it’s actually super fun.

Tips for littles:

  1. Choose a bigger doll. These tiny cuts were a little challenging for my 4 year old.

  2. Trace the clothes for your kids to cut.

  3. Let Daddy save the day if necessary <3

So where are we losing the gold among the convenient? Are we doing the junk food thing? We don’t have to.

Growing activities can be simple - and you just might end up with a vacuumed floor ;)


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