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Immune Building Hot Chocolate? ...What?

My kids got bit by the cocoa bug this week.

Somehow, when the weather changes, it takes our diet with it. When I was teaching English in Thailand a few years ago, I was met with puzzled looks and large eyes when I tried to explain that the MN diet completely changes with the turn of the Fall/Winter season.

I laugh at how quickly the change happens. While setting the table this week, my five year old wistfully asked me why we didn’t have soup more often.

… hold your horses ma’am… it’s been cold for 5 minutes. You’ll be fine.

It doesn’t matter the season, I know giving my kids a cup with 1,000 grams of sugar in it isn’t the best idea. So- I cringe a little when they ask for hot chocolate. Why can’t such a fun drink be better for them?

We set out to solve that question yesterday. Home-school Moms: this is called real-life school. Call it whatever you wish, but the girls had a blast, and I was able to teach them valuable kitchen and nutrition skills…. and we even reviewed some spelling words with tactile letter tracing in our chocolate shreds. That’s called a Win-win-win

I’ve never seen MCT powder be put in hot chocolate, but why not?! For those who don’t know, MCT oil/powder is a powerful source of healthy fat and energy. This particular brand also includes prebiotics and probiotics for gut health.

(This product isn’t specifically made for children, so I suggest researching it a bit if you feel cautious about such things)

If you have studied the gut, you know it is the home of hundreds of important body functions including dramatically affecting your immune system.

If I can have fun teaching my kids kitchen and nutrition skills that produce a fun drink which supports their overall health, energy, and immune function, I think I’m winning!!

So here’s our recipe!

Immune Building Hot Chocolate

4oz unsweetened chocolate (bars)

4 cups whole milk (we used fresh!)

2T Stevia (or however sweet you want it)

2T MCT Powder

  1. Finely grate 4 unsweetened chocolate bars enough to make ¼c grated chocolate

  2. Heat 4 cups of milk until bubbly

  3. Melt chocolate shreds in the microwave for a few seconds

  4. Whisk in melted chocolate, stevia and MCT powder

  5. Enjoy!


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Ready for some fresh milk?? Yes Please!

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