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Check out the Inside scoop (& Pictures!): What do people say about us?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

“I want a cow!!”, I hear so many of you say, and I couldn’t agree more!!

I HAVE cows, and I still feel the same way ;)

I am **intimately** aware of the relentless tug of that creamy goodness… and I’m here to help.

You’ve heard of baby fever. Some of you have it.

It strikes - unannounced… (I can’t help you with that one)… but I HAVE discovered a new kind of fever that I *can* help.

It’s called cow-fever and it’s a real thing.

Google can’t help you with it.

I tried. Google just gave me remedies for the *actual* fever of an actual cow.

Thanks for nothing, Google. I don’t need fever remedies… I need to fix the insatiable itch for nutritious, creamy, “white gold”.

Cow fever comes on quickly - with “love at first sip”:

If you’ve tried it, you know what I’m talking about. There is *literally* no comparison to the taste of fresh, raw milk.

In fact, one visit is all it takes.

These 3 first timers will tell you:

“The milk is amazing and we will definitely be back for more! Thank you!!” -V

“Thank you Liz!! Your milk is amazing!! 100/10 I am for sure am going to get more milk from you in the near future” -J

“We are loving the milk. I'm just trying to make it last until next time -haha!” - K

If cow fever is real, how do we cure it?

Baby fever is cured with a baby, so is cow fever cured with a … cow?
The answer is YES -- but hold your pennies for a second, because owning Bessy is a bit of a tricky business.

Unfortunately, she’s a bit of a fussy gal. ---She eats tons (literally) …she’ll get you up early and keep you out late 365 days a year… she doesn’t take vacations….. or use a litter box….she needs weekly visits with her nutritionist, and her veterinary bills may require you to get a second job. Beyond that, she doesn’t observe weekends; and she doesn’t even care if it’s Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong -- I love our Fresh Farm “ladies”, but they’re a bit of a “package” deal. ;)

Is there a *simpler* way to cure cow fever? YES there is - and I’m here to help.

What if you could have the cow benefits without the work? (Or the mess!)

What if you could have 100% of the milky freshness and 0% of the work?

What if you could sleep in, and still have the freshest milk on the planet?

You CAN!

How about I’ll care for the fussy girls, and the spendy equipment, and you get the milk?

If we do it that way, you can have more time to enjoy your milk like these regulars at the farm:

“[The] milk is delicious...makes my protein shake taste like a full-on milkshake!!” - S

“We loved meeting you all the other day! I’m having so much fun experimenting with the milk. So far I’ve made yogurt, ricotta and butter. I plan to use the whey when I bake bread today! Plus we’ve been drinking it! It’s fantastic! I’ll be seeing you again soon!” - Jessica

If we do it that way, the only ‘trouble’ you’ll have is running out of milk while waiting for the next milk pick up day.

You’ll be in good company, though. This amazing “milk-mom” can sympathize with you:
“We went through it [the milk] too fast and I've saved the last bit for my son so I haven't had milk for like 4 days and I'm just counting down the days til we restock! Haha. I am sitting over here craving raw milk!...I'll take whatever amount I can between like 2 and 10 ” - L

Whether it’s your first time drinking raw milk, or you’re a former farm kid, you won’t be the same after trying our fresh milk! Check out what this former farm kid had to say:

“Oh my! What a glorious experience to drink raw milk again! 31 years! It tastes better than I remember.” (A week later, as she waited for the next pick up day, she confessed): “I’ve never craved milk more than I have in the last couple of days!” - Brianna

If you have the cow fever itch - don’t worry. The solution is easy.

You can *basically* milk a cow from your computer & then pick it up in your car :)

*Plus*, when you come to pick up your milk, we always have fresh baked cookies... Does it get any better than gooey cookies and delicious milk? I don't think so!

Just visit HOW TO BUY | Gerdes Fresh Farm and tell me how many gallons you want… and I’ll do the rest!


Hi!! I'm Liz Gerdes, and I'd like to be your encourager.

My husband and I are dairy farmers in SE MN and friends to anyone who is interested.

I help moms feel awesome about what they feed their families with farm fresh milk!

Visit or follow me on Facebook @gerdesfreshfarm or Instagram at @gerdesliz for more info.

To subscribe to this blog, click the button below and shoot me your email address to join the "family"!

Ready for some farm fresh milk (or cream!)? I can help you with that too :) Just click the button below to reserve your pick-up slot!

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