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10 Minute Raspberry Dream (Recipe)

Jonathan and I have the unique pleasure of sharing a birthday month in July. With his at the very beginning, and mine near the end, we really do have all the needed justification of having not only an entire birthday week, but an entire birthday month.

In order to celebrate, I only thought it fitting to share some of our favorite dessert recipes.

If you're like me, life doesn’t afford me much time to make complicated desserts. Today’s birthday share, is one of the easiest things I make in my kitchen.

It’s fast, tastes amazing, and can be fancied-up for a party if you need a dessert to bring somewhere in a pinch.

This is a family favorite of ours and we hope it becomes a family favorite of yours!

10 Minute Raspberry Dream


1 Brick of Cream Cheese

1 Small Tub of Cool Whip (I bet real whipped cream would even be better!)

1 Bag of Frozen (Or Fresh!) Raspberries (You decide how many)

1-2 T Sugar


  1. Soften Cream Cheese - either on the counter for a few hours or in the microwave for a few seconds.

  2. Whip Cream Cheese on high with a stand mixer whisk attachment until it is very smooth

  3. Add desired sugar (sometimes I do just a little sugar if I want a tart (healthier) dessert)

  4. Whip in 1 Tub of cool whip

  5. Remove bowl from mixer and fold in 1 Bag of Frozen Raspberries with a spatula

  6. Refrigerate your Raspberry Dream until the berries are thawed or you can’t stand it any longer and you just have to eat it.

Next Level:

If you want to bring this desert to the next level - put it in a graham cracker crust before you refrigerate! It will turn out like a whipped cheesecake and is the PERFECT summer dessert to bring for a cookout or summer party!

There you have it! Our easiest favorite dessert. Definitely worth a try this Summer :)

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Connie Quan
Connie Quan
Jul 03, 2020

Great posts

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