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Why a2 Milk?

  • Is A2 Different?
    Yes! Milk from A2 cows contains only A2 protiens which are often easier to digest and can elliminate digestive discomfort for people who have milk intolerance!
  • What if I am Lactose Intolerant?
    Scientists have come to suggest that "Lactosse Intolerance" is often actually a reaction to the A1 protien found in all non a2 milk rather than a reaction to Lactosse. If you struggle with disgesting regular A1 milk, A2 may be the solution for you to love milk again!
  • How do you know if milk is A2?
    In order to get A2 milk, you have to milk an A2 cow. Our cows are tested to confirm if they have A2 heritiage before they are put in our milking rotation.
  • What if I don't like it?
    We want happy, healthy customers who LOVE the milk like we do! If A2 milk isn't what works best for your family, we'll refund your first gallon.
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