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Don't Forget!

Read the details below before your pick up! 

We're excited to see you!

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Bring a Cooler!

We want to make sure your milk stays cold in transit, so please bring a cooler (or cooler bag) big enough to accommodate your 2 half gallon jars with some ice!

*Just a reminder* We're observing Covid 19 safety precautions.
We will have a designated area you can exit your vehicle to put milk in your cooler.  



Please read the Gerdes Fresh Farm LLC Waiver before you arrive.

We will have printed copies for all milk drive participants to sign before pick up.

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More Milk

If you'd like more than one gallon of milk, you can purchase additional gallons for $6 each.


If you need more glass jars, we have half gallon size available for $2/jar.

Just let us know what you would like so we can prep it for you!


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