Gerdes Fresh Farm Meat Box


Gerdes Fresh Farm Meat Box


    Need Locally Raised Meat?

    Our Summer Grill boxes are available for two weeks only!!

    These boxes are first come first serve.


    How does it work?

    • Order online for a Gerdes Fresh Farm Grill Box

    • We'll contact you with some Pick Up times to get your meat!

    • Enjoy nutritious, (locally raised!) meals with EASE for the next two week

    What you get:

    • More free time! ;)

    • Your very own Gerdes Fresh Farm (born & raised) ground beef & steak

      • 4 lbs of the best tasting ground beef

      • 2 lbs of steak, ready for your grill!

      • 10 page "Grill Guide" filled with time saving tips and tricks including: 

        • Two weeks of “Cook once, Eat Twice” recipe ideas to free up your summer!

        • Detailed outline of my game-changing “Meat Monday” hack