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Want to take a Kefir Class?!


Thanks to Midwest Dairy, I’m hosting a Kefir class… IN MY SILO FARM STORE!

Have you ever wanted to make Kefir but it feels intimidating? I HEAR you! I was intimidated too. Especially when you don’t want to waste milk while experimenting!

However, I’m here to tell you it’s worth it.

I always encourage people to Google the health benefits of Kefir because **WOW** it is amazing stuff! cites 9 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Kefir

  • Kefir Is a Fantastic Source of Many Nutrients

  • Kefir Is a More Powerful Probiotic Than Yogurt

  • Kefir Has Potent Antibacterial Properties

  • Kefir Can Improve Bone Health and Lower the Risk of Osteoporosis

  • Kefir May Be Protective Against Cancer

  • The Probiotics in It May Help With Various Digestive Problems

  • Kefir is low in Lactose

  • Kefir may improve Allergy and Asthma symptoms

  • Kefir is easy to make at home!

Other studies cite that Kefir can help with weight loss, reduced inflammation, and the balance of the gut which is where most of your immune system is housed.

I can’t even name anything else that does all of those things!

It feels too good to be true, so I encourage you to research it!

Whenever I read about Kefir, I feel like “Where so I sign?! - Take all my money!!!”

Then I remember… I can EASILY make that at home!!!!!

That’s called winning.

But what if it feels hard?

That’s why I’m here!

Thanks to Midwest Dairy, we are going to be hosting a Kefir class IN the silo Farm Store this late fall/winter and it is going to be amazing!

When is the last time you took a cool class in a silo and learned how to make something as beneficial as kefir? Maybe never? either:)

I’m still ironing out an exact date and details for the class because Fall harvest is hijacking our silo progress. *Just kidding*... I understand Fall is busy and farming comes first. *sigh* I feel like a kid who wants you to come out and play… in my silo please :).

That being said, the fields are **ALMOST** empty and then I’m hoping we can hit the silo project hard.

When this class happens, space will be limited to 10 people for this first class. If you’re interested (Or you know someone who might be!) Just shoot me a message and you’ll be the first to sign up when the date is set :)

Can’t wait to see you there!


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Ready for some fresh milk?? Yes Please!

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1 комментарий

Dora Leonardson
13 окт. 2020 г.

Might the kefir class be offered virtually? Can’t do a road trip right now.

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